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We develop
Ventilation solutions

which ensures high-quality air even in the most difficult conditions!

Airforced Systems room-based ventilation systems help quickly and efficiently modernize a deficient ventilation equipment system and help to ensure high-quality air in the most challenging conditions.

Our mission

We believe fresh air is a human right and a foundation for a good quality of life. By this, we challenge existing beliefs to create energy-efficient, safe, and user-friendly innovative solutions.

The problem: Lack of air, high utility costs and airborne viruses

  • The amount of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide in indoor air can be up to 1,000 parts per million (ppm).
  • Natural ventilation is used in 70-80% of Estonian schools and kindergartens – windows are opened to ventilate the rooms. During the cold weather, this means the room can only be ventilated during breaks or other times when the room is not in use. By using natural ventilation in the room, room heat is ventilated out of the room, and thus the heating costs of the building increase in the winter period. Moreover, opening the windows is only a temporary solution because after closing the windows, the amount of CO2 in the air is already above the norm after just twenty minutes.
  • If the purpose of the premises changes over time, the existing ventilation system may not keep up with the new ventilation requirements. Adapting the old ventilation system to the new requirements is usually difficult and expensive.
  • The construction of new central ventilation systems can be quite difficult, very expensive, or time-consuming and may mean significant changes in the building structures.
  • In many existing buildings, there are no technical rooms necessary for the installation of central ventilation systems, and the ceilings are not high enough.
  • Frequently the existing ventilation systems are as old as the building itself – its components have worn out and replacement parts are nowhere to be found.
  • It is difficult and expensive to adapt the existing ventilation system according to the new ventilation requirements, but replacing them could mean major reconstructions (demolition of roofs and walls), as old equipment is often “built-in”.
  • The maintenance costs of continuously operating central ventilation systems are high due to high electricity consumption. They also require periodic maintenance and cleaning, which is quite expensive for a large system.

Product features

Fast installation
and recyclable

It takes one working day to prepare one room. No need to build a separate air distribution pipeline. The device can be easily dismantled and installed at a new location.

Demand controlled ventilation

The smart device ventilates and heats only when and as much as needed.

Safe and reliable

Complies with the current elevated ventilation requirements. Certification according to CE and RoHS.

Easy to maintain

All consumable parts are standard, easily accessible, and easily replaceable.


Can be used in different power modes. Barely noticeable in normal mode.


Less electricity is needed to achieve healthy air quality.


The device is fully autonomous and can be controlled by a web application.

Medical industry standard

Integration readiness of medical HEPA13 filters.

Ventilation system
Heavy Vental 2.1

  • Made in Estonia
  • Possibility to use as a centralized or de-centralized ventilation unit.
  • Requires 230V and 16A main fuse for installation.
  • ATS integration readiness.
  • Maintains the CO2 level within the norm for 34 people (1 person = 8 L/s).
  • The intake air flow rate through ePM1 55% (F7) filters is 983 m3/h or 273 l/s.
  • Uses ePM1 55% (F7) for intake air flow and ePM10 50% (M5) filters for exhaust as standard. The PPI10 filters are used as a pre-filter. Each unit comes with one spare set of filters.
  • Readiness to integrate HEPA13 medical filters in the intake air channel.
  • Operates on demand based on CO2 level and motion sensor.
  • Meets the requirements for ventilation and ventilation of non-residential buildings by ensuring the building and indoor climate of the Covid-19 and emergency care facility (Regulation No. 8 of the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure of April 2, 2020)
  • The efficiency of the heat storage and heat exchanger at maximum capacity is over 83%.
  • The device operates even without an internet connection.
  • The standard color is white matte RAL 9003, but as a special order, it is possible to choose shades and surface finishes according to your wish.

Our systems are suitable for use in:


Turvaline Web Large


Turvaline Web Large


Turvaline Web Large

Our happy customers

Rocca al Mare school, Tallinn

The classroom was originally designed for 26 people, but over time the usage load increased and the existing ventilation system became weak. The capacity could not be added because it was divided between several rooms. In addition, it is a chemistry classroom, and the lab experiments create strong aromas in the room. After adding the Airforced Heavy Vental system, high-quality fresh air is guaranteed in the room.

“Thanks to the Airforced device, the indoor climate in our chemistry classroom has improved significantly!”

Hansa School, Tartu

It is a typical school building project from the Soviet era, where is only so-called natural ventilation, but whose capacity is below any calculation. Unfortunately, the infrastructure of the building does not allow the construction of a large central ventilation unit. The main method for ventilating the classrooms is to open the windows during breaks, but this wastes a lot of heat energy. Our installed Heavy Vental ventilation system ensures good air quality for teaching.

“The air in the classroom is good, so that you don’t even need to open the window during the break.”

Poku kindergarten, Tartu

There are more than 20 children in the owl group, where they spend the whole day together. The CO2 level in the classroom exceeds the normal limit. The Poku Kindergarten is a typical Soviet-era project where it is not possible to build a modern central ventilation unit, but we easily added a Heavy Vental ventilation unit. The device works unnoticeably, it does not disturb children’s sleep, and the air quality has clearly improved.

“The children sleep in this room and it does not disturb their sleep.”

Meet the team

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Founder and Inventor


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